Peaceful Slumbers
Calming Sounds for Babies

Sonic Blanket presents "Peaceful Slumbers" a unique blend of familiar household sounds and white noise elements that gently surround a child in an audio security blanket.

Household machines, with their steady hums, are an excellent source of relaxing white noise but the raw machine sounds can be too harsh and certainly inconvenient at sleepytime.

Specially formulated to provide a gentle rhythmic environment, these soothing sounds naturally produce a feeling of calm and drowsiness--perfect to relax babies.

The Peaceful Slumbers series is created by Lawrence Dolton, a professional sound designer, audio engineer, and father living in Northern California. With his son he experienced first-hand the needs of a newborn, and carefully designed these sounds to provide the comforting security babies need.

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Thanks to Kevelynne, Mike, and Elizabeth.

Peaceful Slumbers is an effective and easy-to-use method to help calm your baby. Each CD contains over an hour of steady sound to provide an uninterrupted length of time to soothe your baby.

Each composition is carefully crafted to capture the essential calming qualities of a household machine's murmur. We begin with raw sounds and build up a sound environment that retains the essential rhythm and feel of the machine, but with a softer glow.

Fuzzy Dryer
The low rumble and soft clicks of a dryer as it goes around-and-around provide a wonderful, steady rhythm. (64 minutes)
Deep Dishwasher (available soon)
The soft slosh of a dishwasher gently moving through its watery cycles is buoyant and comforting. (64 minutes)
Vacuum Purr (available soon)
The thick purr of a vacuum cleaner as it travels snuggly against a carpet in a warmly hypnotic back and forth motion. (64 minutes)
Audio samples are lower in quality than actual CD versions.
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