A Series Of Videos From The Natural World
A time-lapse film captured in the Palo Alto Baylands early one morning in late December 2011. One hour in the life of this little patch of duck town distilled down to four minutes.
A companion film, the abstract version, is available for viewing here.
On February 26, 1979 two friends and I awoke early and drove east from Portland along the Columbia river. Our destination was clear skies for a viewing of a total solar eclipse at 8:09 am. With minutes to spare before showtime we broke out of the clouds at The Dalles and zoomed up into the hills above town. I had just enough time to setup my camera and special filter to capture an excellent set of slides that appear in this video. It was a fascinating moment as waves of light swept across the hills and then everything went dark. The animal noises instantly became louder and the temperature dropped. Ten minutes later the normal day resumed. Back in the dorm I used to do a solar eclipse slideshow to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd's Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, recreated here for the first time in 32 years.
A beautiful display of hundreds of dunlins darting through the sky in perfect unison. Filmed at a nature preserve outside of Chico, California.
A time-lapse film of a stunning sunrise as viewed from the Haleakala summit on the Hawaiian island of Maui.